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2008-10-28 17:02:47 by g-kwan155

Well, one day I would love to have my little comic book universe eventually become it's own company, called Tribal Comix. I've been drawing and making in my head these super heroes and villains and places and different story lines. Heck, I love coming up with these guys more than drawing fan art. One day when I go to college then graduate I hope to go into the comic book industry and then, like Jim Lee, one of my comic book idols branch off and start my own industry. Then maybe even sell it to Marvel or DC, but I would mostly want my creations brought to the world and have them loved just as Marvel and DC and Image, and Top Cow and so on. So I have a plan. And I know eventually one day it will happen.

Also if anyone is interested I will do requests, so just leave me a PM about what you want and I'll do it for you.


Evil Laughter in a Jar

2008-10-21 20:42:58 by g-kwan155

Who wants to hear a joke.

Well I would like to hear one too, but you people need to check out the assumption song. It is freaking hilarious. I loved it 'Cause if you think this song is dirty than you can go fuck yourself.


My Art

2008-08-23 23:39:22 by g-kwan155

welllll.....My art thread. I put up what I thought was good art but, hmmm. I don't know. I can't even get a hey you should improve on this or that, I just get a couple of "awesome work" and crap like that, and then I go on the art forum and people with, no offense, terrible art is being praised and loved. I don't know it just annoys me. I mean my friend ScorpianX0 is a good artist, but hell he even comes to me for advice and praises my art (so do the people at school too though) but I don't know...........

I guess it makes a person depressed.

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Terrible MS painter

2008-08-22 18:50:32 by g-kwan155

I am really beginning to get sick and tired of all of these stupid idiots and their crappy two second MS paint pictures. I have seen a great deal of awesome MS paint projects, but it seems that a lot of people just have to post their SHITTY, shit pieces of MS paint. Were is the great MS painters. It would surely be better than some of these idiots.

Hello Newgounders

2008-08-14 00:37:00 by g-kwan155

Ummm, So yeah this is my first time here. But this site seems pretty cool and I know one person ScorpianX0 up here so um yeah. But this site is great and I love probably my most favorite site.