2009-03-11 22:26:21 by g-kwan155

WEELLLL I'll be brushing off my shoulders.

hmm guess laugh about this whole outburst of hatred. Hell I can't say that I hate Newgrounds. I've had some good times up here and like alot of the videos.

Well. You may call me what you want. Hell made a big pussy fool of myself.

So, sorry to all of you good Newgrounders up here. (guess that I just became one of the VERY bad ones)


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2009-03-11 22:36:50

Well it was certainly amusing for a while.

g-kwan155 responds:

for a while but that's it.

It was just stupid to have done that.


2009-03-11 22:40:10

...... :D


2009-03-11 22:40:36

Well, don't feel too bad. We all do stupid stuff sometimes. Except maybe Chuck Norris, but that's still a matter of contestion among peers.

g-kwan155 responds:

oh NOEZZ chuck norris.

Heh, that crazy bastard.