2008-12-25 03:07:12 by g-kwan155

Yes good people of newgrounds. I am back and hopefully I'll have some new art in the next two or three weeks.

(Honestly I don't know where I went?)

So I thank those who have supported me, I guess
ScorpianX0 (just because were practically like brothers)
Hellknight1000 (because he is funny and has cool artwork)
Drakenyaze (however he spells it,....but because he is cool and emo (jk) but draws an awesome Joker)
and thank you to all the others like Chymo and Sven (or something) and all the others who have supported me......

rambling on and repeating myself. great.


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2009-01-03 14:22:22

lololololololoLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (Emo Brad XD)
Looks like someone's in a good mood. Thanks a lot dude, I really appreciate it. I really never thought I'd be thanked in a news post after joining, so it makes me pretty damn happy. :P
Now, get a 360! >:3

g-kwan155 responds:

I well get a 360 and when I do I will name it Crunchbite, and he will be my friend.